Sophie Anwar

My name is Sophie Anwar and I am a passionate observer and documenter of life. I have the great fortune to spend days with wonderful people about to embark on the biggest,life altering day of their lives. As a silent observer I see everything, the moments, the love, the emotion, the happiness, the sadness, - the STORY

So who am I? 

I am a mother, sister, wife, creative, who loves photography.  I love My family, friends and my favourite activity is travelling. I adore happy OCCAsions, a good party with a hint of drama - in short i love life and a great picture.

In the early part of my career I was a film maker for the BBC as well as independents both in the UK and the US.  Stories, both fictitious and true were my life. I loved immersing myself into the lives of others. After my sons were born I made a conscious decision to be a parent and it was by far the best decision that I ever made. 

i found photography and started to develop and hone my skills. I started to tell real stories through images rather than film. I became completely absorbed by this medium. Addicted even to being part of a story that will be relayed for generation. 

To me photography is a gift. Its immortalising memories of the past. Of those we love who will forever be remembered. It allows us to relive the present moments and lastly its a gift for those who have not yet joined us. 

So how do I see weddings? 

A wedding is like the oscars. The lead up to the big day has seen every emotion known to man from tears, tantrums, surprise, happiness, elation and now finally excitement as the the big day arrives. Everything is in place. Everyone, who is important and a loved one is in place and ready for the fanfare, the glamour, and the glitz.  The anticipation is at fever pitch. The music is cued and the bride is ready to walk down the aisle on the arms of the most important man in her life. 

Sophie Anwar photography weddings and bridal portraits west london Ruislip Pinner Northwood Moor Park

With every wedding I have attended I know there are certain facts that will always be present. The wedding isn't just about two people. Its about the family, friends and every single minute devoted to the planning and execution of this momentous occasion. Using a combination of photojournalism and traditional portraiture, I capture the love, the atmosphere, the energy and the magic. Its impossible not to get carried away. I will get my groove on during the reception and become part of the event. 

By the time your big day arrives, we will already know each other well. I care deeply about every couple and the commitment I make to you. 

I hope to speak to you soon. 

'Photography is a (true) love affair with life’ (Burk Uzzle).