First looks - should we?

The first look is not a tradition we have in the UK. There is a considerable amount of resistance attached to this. The notion that bad luck will befall you is very much ingrained. There are however some couples who love this. Its a moments that is just theirs. For no one else but them. Its the first moment their see each other all dressed up and ready to be joined in holy matrimony. It eases the nerves and gives the couple a sense of security that propels them through the day ahead. 

I really really wanted to portray this. Whilst Sabeehah was getting ready, Shazad waited patiently until it was his moment to don his Sherwani. 

he took this moment to write a letter to his wife. She was presented with this just moments before heading out to meet Shazad on the balcony. 

This was one of the most beautiful moments i have had the great fortune to record. The build up to the first look was incredible. I was probably more excited than the bride. 

As she gracefully glided up towards Shazad I captured every moment and his reaction to seeing Sabeehah was everything we expected. She took his breathe away.